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Alabama at it again: Marriage bill moves to House, anti-gay fliers put out by GOP

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is a family man, and as long as he’s in charge, his kind of family – a hetero one – is the only one that gets his endorsement. Democrat Rep. Yusuf Salaam backs the marriage ban as well. Another brother bites the dust. Any Dems out there paying attention?

It gets tiring talking about this state’s backwards, redneck race to the bottom of civilization, but it must be done (sorry, Katie). First up, “progress” on the state’s marriage amendment bill. (

The measure was approved by a 12 – 2 vote Wednesday in committee. The only issue was when the measure would go to voters. Democrats who control the House pushed to have it placed on the 2006 primary ballot. Republicans attempted to have it moved to the 2006 general election.

The proposed amendment would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The House will likely vote on the bill early next week as one of the first pieces of business in the new legislative year. Since it has the endorsement of both parties and the support of Gov. Bob Riley there is virtually no chance the measure will be defeated.

Although Alabama already has legislation blocking same-sex marriage, both Democrats and Republicans agree that the only way to prevent judges from overturning the law is to enshrine traditional marriage in the state Constitution. “We do have a responsibility as legislators to do what’s best for the long-term interest of the state,” said bill sponsor Rep. Yusuf Salaam (D-Selma).

LGBT civil rights group Equality Alabama called the amendment an endorsement of discrimination. Spokesperson Howard Bayless said gays have become “the new whipping boy” for politicians, as racial minorities were in the past.

Democrat Gloria Dolbare was on the receiving end of a homo-bigot campaign by the Alabama GOP.

Then, we have the little matter of the Repugs attempting to smear a Dem candidate because she didn’t sign a pledge to support an amendment. The Alabama Republican Legislative Committee sent out a homophobic flier, in true ignorant, down and dirty politics fashion. (NBC 15 ):

The flier, sponsored by the Republican Legislative Committee, stated that Democrat Gloria Dolbare had not signed a Christian Coalition pledge to support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages in the state. In a special election last month, she lost a bid to fill the seat vacated by the death of her minister husband.

The flier said: “Let Gloria Dolbare know God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”

Dolbare, a school teacher from Bigbee, said she never saw the pledge but during the campaign probably set it aside with other mail. “I never dreamed how dirty politics could be,” said Dolbare, widow of state Rep. Jeff Dolbare, who died from cancer last year.

…The first page of the flier shows a classical painting that appears to represent the Garden of Eden and a nearly naked man and a woman with a copy of the Christian Coalition pledge covering her body. A photo on the left side of the flier’s second page shows two smiling men on a porch. One is kneeling on one knee before the other and holding the man’s left hand in both of his own. “God made Adam and Eve,” the flier says, “but Gloria Dolbare wants you to meet … Adam and Steve!”

“That was an issue that we thought she was vulnerable on, not because the issue was the gay marriage issue, just because she would not take a stand on the issue,” said Leland Whaley, a consultant to the committee. “It’s been part of the legislative debate.”

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Pam Spaulding