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Well, your president came out hard and strong for FMA, mealy mouthed on Social Security

Why on earth is this bozo our President? Darth Cheney can barely stay awake; photo op of inked fingers in support of the Iraq elections.

Joe Liebertwat (as bloggrrl Shakespeare’s Sister has renamed him) was enough to make me nuts. Please folks in CT, vote that traitor out.

Yeah, Bush’s definitely scared of his Right flank. The Arlington Group of wingnut enforcers threatened his kneecaps over support for his Social Security dismantling project, and he’s tap dancing for them again. He has to throw them this bone to keep them happy and not in revolt. It also conveniently diverts attention to the army of society-destroying fags and dykes, which always riles those Freepers up. Queers are the real problem. Right. Not Iraq, or the economy or his uncooked plan to f*ck up Social Security. Nice.

Bush will probably not do the promised legwork on FMA unless he has to. I think it all depends on how much continuous pressure the wingnuts put on him and how poorly he does at selling his SS plan (tonight’s effort was lame and purposely lacking any details). If it looks like he needs to marshall his American Taliban forces in order to sell this, he’s going to have to make the push. Remember, he’s even cultivating the black pastor homophobes as ground forces on Social Security using the gay bogeyman, so it’s clear the divide and conquer strategy will be at work.

The Dem response: ::crickets chirping:: . Reid and Pelosi gave decent rebuttals, but really, all the speeches were sleepers to me. Reid is amiable, I’ll give him that. I don’t think, however, we need amiable. We need scrotum twisting attacks on the GOP.

The Three Stooges of the shadowy Arlington Group: Dobson, Falwell, Weyrich.

[I’m just flipped to CNN’s post-show, and lord, they’ve got Sully on pontificating. Click it off. Time for bed.]

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