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Freepers pissed at an MTV gay segment of Room Raiders

I’ll be offline for most of the day, so I thought I’d leave you with some Freep-cereal to munch on…

Apparently the totally throwaway MTV program Room Raiders is making the Freepers lose it because gay folks were featured on an episode. I guess soon all they’ll have is the Family Channel.

Actual Freeper Quotes™: Here is the original Freep post:
“I just was flipping through the channels and came across room raiders on MTV. I watch it sometimes and it can be entertaining. However, tonight I was uterly disgusted to see an actual gay segment of the program. There were three gay guys who had their rooms raided by another guy. Listen, I am not homophobic. I have no problem with gay people if they keep what they to the privacy of their home. I do have a problem with those gays that try to redefine marriage or in this case push their lifestyle in the public sphere. MTV is a willing culprit. Is there anything we can do to stop this?? I doubt an email campaign would work, but maybe it might be worth it. Any suggestions?”

Choice responses:
[Someone asked what Room Raiders is…]
“It’s one of those dating shows where three guys are taken out of their homes while a girl comes in and checks out their cribs and makes her choice on that. (or three chicks and a dude.)

“I stopped watching MTV after I saw the “Know your rights” sex special with Christina Auguilera. You know, the “Let’s get Dirty” singer who publicly admits she loves sex. She told two abstinent young adults that they “gotta test drive the car before you buy it.”

“You’re watching a voyeuristic show, and then complaining about what you saw. Be an adult and don’t watch that crap. Some people are just as disgusted by the male/female version of the show.” [Freeper with a brain!]

‘Again, its not me. I know I can easily shut it off, it’s the fact that it is out there for young teens to see.”

“I think most of their viewers were teens in the 80’s and have failed to grow up, we call them DUmmies. =o)”

“I believe that MTV is the station that has the commericials for KY jelly “The Personal Lubricant” in which a woman is describing the joys of KY with her backside to a man in the background. The implication is stated subtlely and geometrically. If Room Raiders is being taken over by Rump Rangers, then look for these commercials to start featuring two men.

“I’ve always been somewhat amused at the line “as long as they keep what they do in the privacy….” the fact is kids, they don’t, they never do...they not only push it in our faces, but try to teach it in our schools..and worse than that, they have unleashed one of the worst epidemics on mankind.. Add that to the simple fact that it’s an abomination before God…. even if you’re an atheist, you can’t deny the harm they’ve done society..”

“You have a problem with gay people appearing on MTV? So what channel are they allowed to be on?” [Freeper with a brain!]

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