We’re sure that if he had slipped him a little tongue, Joe would have sucked on it like a popsicle

Didn’t watch the State of the Union but it appears that it was all about sex, sex, sex:

First there was a little George-on-Joe action:

I just noticed the president kissed Joe Lieberman on his way out. I guess he is one of the last semi-reasonable Democrats in town….

…and a bottom to boot. What are the odds?

Then it appears that Laura Bush was brought to orgasm (finally!) with a little fingerbang action up in the balcony. Looks like the crowd loved it.

Finally, Howard Fineman achieved his perfect zen moment when he managed to Bush bukake himself:

The television “money shot” was vividly obvious: Safia Taleb al-Suhai, whose father had been murdered by Saddam Hussein’s regime, embracing Janet Norwood, whose son had been killed in the assault on Fallujah. But when you watch a State of the Union speech from inside the House, as I just did, you see things you don’t see on TV. What I’m thinking of is President Bush confidently, insistently tapping his open palm on the pages of his speech as he read his favorite passages about liberty.

It’s his holy writ. He loved to read from it and seemed to think that everyone was or should have been inspired by it. Peering down from the press gallery, I was looking at a man who obviously feels that the winds of history are at his back. I’ve covered him long enough to know when he is faking it, when the bravado is brittle, when the smile is the frigid one of a man surrounded. This Bush looked and spoke like one very much — and very comfortably — in charge. I remember his first campaign swing, to Iowa, in the summer of 1999. He was tentative and smiley in that unsettling way, throwing off those give-me-a-break shrugs. The guy I just saw was a man at the top of his game, all but daring the Democrats to make his day.

Thanks Howard. Here’s a towel. Go clean yourself up…

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