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U.S. Firm about to launch world's first male contraceptive implant (yipes)

Dr. Timothy Rowe, director of the Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of British Columbia thinks the “squeamish factor” for men may keep the IVD from being a big success.

Before any House Blenders say I’m man-bashing that guys won’t be interested in this advance in reproductive responsibility, get a load of the tepid confidence expressed by a male doctor in the field…(London Free Press):

A private U.S. firm hopes to revolutionize birth control by launching the world’s first implantable male contraceptive. Neil Pollock, co-founder of Shepherd Medical Company, said at a news conference yesterday the Intra Vas Device, or IVD, is less invasive than a vasectomy, but just as effective.

“We feel that we have the potential to make a huge impact on the future of contraception in the world,” Pollock said as he showed off the 2.5-centimetre hollow silicone plug. Normal sperm flow would resume after the device is removed, he said, compared to reversing a vasectomy, which lowers the chance of conception to about 60 per cent. Pollock, who specializes in performing vasectomies, said implanting the IVD would be an outpatient procedure, taking about seven minutes under local anesthetic at a cost of $1,000 US.

Timothy Rowe, director of the Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of British Columbia, said the burden of responsibility isn’t about to shift to men with a new male contraceptive.

Men are more squeamish than women about these things, so you’ve got a tough sell,” Rowe said. “You’ve got to convince guys that they want to do this.

You’d have to be so confident that this thing is not going to cause any pain, it’s not going to affect their sex life, it’s not going to have any harmful effects.” Women are much more tuned in to knowing about contraceptives, and unless men take responsibility for birth control, they don’t represent a viable target group for the IVD, Rowe said.

Just for fun, I thought I’d see what the Freepers are thinking about this. Boy, they are a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. This is why they cannot get a date, never mind in a position to need contraception. Actually, it would be best if Freepers couldn’t procreate at all.

Actual Freeper Quotes™:

“Ohh and before female freepers bitch about that fact, just remember, you get the kids in a divorce.”

“Actually if they would just implant an ampule with a shock sensitive explosive (like nitroglycerin) in the scrotums of some men, I guarantee they won’t reproduce.”

“The last thing Europeans need is more contraceptive unless they are going to be exclusively attached to the muslim population.”

“Sorry… I’m of the mind that thy’ve gotta spread their legs first before any male zippers cum into play….”

“Bill Clinton has just anounced he is going to move to Seattle later this year. “I can’t wait to test this out!” he was quoted recently. “The 60’s were fun, but this is too good to pass up”.”

“Now I’m thinking of applying for a US Grant. Maybe I could get 1.4 million to develop this birth control device. How about an ultralight weight high tech chastity belt for my teenage daughter with built in parental digital locking controls and GPS electronic cellphone tampering notification plus a patented stun gun emergence penetration deterrent system. Now that will stop unwanted teenage pregnancies. When her date arrives at the door, I’ll just take him aside and hand him this warning card.”

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