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EMS workers fired for declaring injured man dead

Last week, Larry Green was zipped into a body bag and taken to the morgue. Today his family heard the official report that found EMS workers ignored rules and made critical mistakes after their son’s accident. (Photo: Scott Lewis, N&O;)

A follow-up to my post on a Franklin County, NC man wrongly declared dead by EMS workers after an accident. He’s still alive, but paralyzed.

The news story goes into detail around what occurred, but the bottom line is, for once, someone’s *ss was fired for incompetence. (

At least twice on the night of Jan. 24, paramedics told a doctor they thought accident victim Larry D. Green might be alive.

Still, medical officials made no efforts to resuscitate him. They zipped him into a vinyl body bag and placed him in a portable morgue, according to a report released Monday by Franklin County commissioners. More than two hours after he was hit by a car, it was determined he was alive and Green, 29, was transported to a medical facility.

As a result of what occurred, the N.C. Office of Emergency Medical Service suspended the licenses of two paramedics; Franklin County fired them. A report on the county’s investigation will be provided to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for review and so it can decide what action might be taken against Franklin County Medical Examiner J.B. Perdue.

Franklin County Attorney Darnell Batton read the eight-page report to the crowd of more than 100 who had waited Monday night through a two-hour closed meeting between Batton and the commissioners.

During the 30-minute report, the crowd gasped and murmured in disbelief at the graphic descriptions of Green’s injuries and the actions of medical personnel who moved his broken limbs and examined his open head wound.

Green’s father wiped tears from his eyes and held his head in his hands.

…”He still has a long way to recover,” the elder Green said.

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