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Bush Not Revealing Social Security Details

Bush “practicing” his SOTU today. What will he do if the teleprompter freezes? (White House photo)

No, it’s not necessary for Bush to reveal the details. We can see the GOP’s whole game plan to dismantle Social Security right here (downloaded from Kos). Also, see fellow bloggrrrl Shakespeare’s Sister for an excellent fisking of some of it. (AP):

Bush’s strategy to offer a partial outline rather than detailed remedy reflects a split between the two houses of Congress about the president’s role in the politically sensitive debate. In the House, where every seat is up for election every two years, Republican leaders want the president to present a specific plan and work to sell it to the country before pressing Congress to vote. But key Senate leaders prefer that Bush work behind the scenes with Congress to develop a bipartisan consensus.

“It’s time to shine a very clear light on the problems facing Social Security and then to talk about ways we can work together to strengthen it,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Tuesday.

…Social Security restructuring has been on Bush’s agenda since before he entered the White House. In 2000 he campaigned on the idea of letting younger workers divert some of their Social Security payroll taxes into private investment accounts, a move that might offer higher returns but also would deplete money for guaranteed benefits in the future.

The administration said Bush’s speech would leave key elements to be worked out with Congress and that Bush was willing to come out and make another speech sometime in the future to articulate more details of a solution. “In the State of the Union you’re going to hear him talk in greater detail about ideas for strengthening and saving Social Security, in greater detail than he has previously,” McClellan said.

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