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The Discovery Channel makes me want to hurl but I keep watching…

A disturbing semi-break from politics.

Kate and I were watching some strange program on Discovery (“When Surgical Tools Are Left Behind”). So far, they’ve shown a surgical sponge, and surgical implements like scalpels “lost” in abdomens. Sick sh*t. Things that left flesh-eating bacteria eating this guy’s guts from infection so bad that in order to kill it, the nurses had to roll up gauze and soak it in Clorox and stick it inside him. This left a big gaping open pit in his stomach. The man lived. Oh, and another man had an infection so awful from a dumbass surgeon leaving behind tools in him that one of the patient’s testicles died (that was their term) and he has to take testosterone shots every 10 days. The program noted how food products are inventoried better (via bar code) than surgical tools in an operating room. Bar coding is just now becoming a standard in the OR. Thank god.

OK. And Bush wants to limit lawsuit damages?

Somehow, in all this random foulitude we got to talking about other sick stuff. I don’t remember how this came up (yes, you should see some of the crazy things we talk about), but I was surfing on my laptop during this program and came across this eBay item (click to enlarge)…

Is this what Dick Cheney was referring to when talking about the eBay economy?

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