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Time's 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America

Here you go…a nice list of folks to monitor for all kinds of hypocrisy and impropriety over the next few years. House Blenders, start Googling these folks so we can add them to the Conservative Values Monitor. Feel free in the comments to add interesting tidbits on our new friends below. I’ve not heard of many of them, but I don’t doubt they’re power brokers — just outside of the spotlight, unlike our favorite media whores. I wonder if Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Paul Weyrich and Rev. Tinkywinky feel left out? (Time via AmericaBlog):

  1. Howard & Roberta Ahmanson: The Financiers
  2. David Barton: The Lesson Planner
  3. Doug Coe: The Stealth Persuader
  4. Chuck Colson: Reborn and Rehabilitated
  5. Luis Cortès: Bringing Latinos To the Table
  6. James Dobson: The Culture Warrior [SpongeBob Dobson and his Focus on the Family should be #1 on our list.]
  7. Stuart Epperson: A High-Fidelity Messenger
  8. Michael Gerson: The President’s Spiritual Scribe
  9. Billy & Franklin Graham: Father and Son In the Spirit
  10. Ted Haggard: Opening Up the Umbrella Group
  11. Bill Hybels: Pioneering Mass Appeal
  12. T.D. Jakes: The Pentecostal Media Mogul
  13. Diane Knippers: A Think Tank With Firepower
  14. Tim & Beverly LaHaye: The Christian Power Couple
  15. Richard Land: God’s Lobbyist
  16. Brian McLaren: Paradigm Shifter
  17. Joyce Meyer: A Feminine Side Of Evangelism
  18. Richard John Neuhaus: Bushism Made Catholic
  19. Mark Noll: The Intellectual Exemplar
  20. J.I. Packer: Theological Traffic Cop
  21. Rick Santorum: The Point Man On Capitol Hill [Man-on-Dog-Sex Santorum is being groomed for 2008.]
  22. Jay Sekulow: The Almighty’s Attorney-at-Law
  23. Stephen Strang: Keeper of “The Faith”
  24. Rick Warren: America’s New People’s Pastor
  25. Ralph Winter: A Global Mission

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