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Ken Mehlman on John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press

I’ll let you all have at him (and the Freepers). Yeah, Kerry wasn’t the best candidate. He suffered from the same, establishment “don’t play hardball” Democratic Party delusions that we are still seeing as they regroup and grumble, yet again, about needing to become Repug-lite to win. But Mehlman’s statement is just ludicrous. The Queen himself:

“On a day when all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are celebrating the growth of freedom and honoring the sacrifices of American and Iraqi troops with elections in Iraq, it’s sad that John Kerry has chosen once again to offer vacillation and defeatism. Even after the first free elections in Iraq in more than 50 years John Kerry still believes Iraq is more of terrorist threat than when the brutal tyrant Saddam Hussein was in power and even more remarkably Kerry is now once again for funding our troops, after being for the funding before he was against it.”

Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Jean Francois was flip-flopping faster than a freshly landed fish.”

“I love the rapid response team of the RNC. Clinton’s “War Room” had nothing on these guys…kudos!”

“And was it just my boob tube, or were Jean Francois’ hands about ten shades paler than his orange face?”

“JF’nK What a LOSER !”

“LOTS of long faces around town here in the People’s Republic of East Vermont (formerly known as New Hampshire) today. I love it.”

“He’s a flouder. LOL”

“Why would the MSM even put Kerry up as a talking head-counterweight to the Bush adminstrartion on such a day as this? Has the MSM decided to hang Kerry out to dry in his own vomitous illogical posturing and to start working for the President?”

“wow. I see that the RNC is still in “rapid response mode”.”

“I believe John Kerry is mentally ill.” Either than or a certifiable nut case.

“Kerry is mentally ill. I have no doubt. As success in Iraq grows ever wider and becomes apparent to even the most pessimistic naysayer, kerry’s behavior will become increasingly aberrant.”

“And he intends to run again in ’08?”

“While we’re at it, we should be blaming the voters of Massachusetts….to get right down to it.”

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Pam Spaulding