…and the winner is:

Well it’s Sunday night and it’s time to unveil the winner of Name Roger Simon’s Next Book Which In All Likelihood You Won’t Read contest. For those who came in late, Roger Simon, who once marched for civil rights (something he only mentions on days ending in -day), this past year became the rightwing’s favorite pet rock ex-Democrat following his ugly divorce from the party that reminded many in Hollywood of the Elizabeth Taylor/Larry Fortensky split (with Roger in the Fortensky role but without the glorious mane of hair).

Anyway, we like Roger (because we like all God’s children even though we don’t believe in Him and if we did He would have to explain to us why Action didn’t get a full season run at Fox) so we ran a little contest to come up with something suitable for naming.

To create some suspense, here are the Close But No Cigar All-Stars:

&#149Discard Your Principles for Fun and Profit: An Attempted Justification for Changing My Beliefs Like A Pair of Shorts When I Found Myself in the Minority

&#149We Too Have “Plans”: Roger L. Simon, A Laura Ingraham Poster, and His Left Hand*

&#149To Baldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, Unless Michael J. Totten Counts As A Man

But the nod has to go to Sean W. who slipped this one in at the buzzer to win:

From Selma to Sell Out

Ooooo. Good one. (golf clap…golf clap). Sean will be receiving a copy of James Wolcott’s Attack Poodles or a fun-filled weekend at Neverland Ranch…his choice.

Thanks to all who played and remember that, even though you didn’t win, your secret is safe with me losers

*Explanation for this one can be found here.

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