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Freepers react to Wal-mart recognizing same-sex families

As I said yesterday when posting about Wal-Mart requiring gay employees to count partners as family members, I wondered how long it would take the Freepers, who are true-believers in this company as the bastion of all that is conservative, to weigh in on Wallyworld. Wait no longer — here’s what they’re saying. [Note to Shakespeare’s Sister — the official return of the word “lesbo” has arrived.]

Actual Freeper Quotes™:

“My Uncle’s sister is a lesbo assistant manager at Wal Mart. I understand she’s ecstatic.”

“When Wal-Mart does over to the other side, is there any hope left?”

“I wonder if Wal-Mart will change their little smily face from yellow to pink?”

“This’ll be the first of many stores, major or kind of large, to cave into the gay agenda.”

“I understand their reasoning but it will read like one more victory for the homosexual agenda. Oh well.”

“Sam Walton would be turning in his grave.”

“So a male employees can show up for work dressed as women, freaking out the customers and this has “nothing to do with their work.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding