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Evan Bayh for '08: a centrist's dream, a progressive's wet blanket?

Indiana Governor Evan Bayh and his father, Birch. The latter made the run for Prez in 1976 and served as a senator from 1963-1981. Will Evan run in 2008?

Another great post by Shakespeare’s Sister, this time an analysis of Indiana’s Governor Evan Bayh as a possible 2008 Dem candidate. [I remember, way back when his father Birch ran (and lost) to Jimmy Carter in the primaries. Damn, I’m old.]

Evan’s political future looks bright, as he’s made an impact as one of the 13 votes against the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice for SecState. He’s also obviously photogenic, affable and a competent Governor. That means no Senate record to point to for “flip flops” by the GOP. Unfortunately for those interested in his positions on gay rights [civil unions/no-marriage-amendment-unless-activist-judges PUNT!] and abortion, it looks Bayh has another middle-of-the-road, DLC-coaster flavor to him. But we all know that this is what the establishment Dems salivate over, not principles, these days.

Click over to Shakespeare’s Sister for some really interesting insight (she notes that she is “perhaps the only blue blogger in the very red state of Indiana”).

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding