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Moron alert: Denver cop tries to arrest woman for anti-Bush bumper sticker

Shasta Bates sits in the bed of her pickup. A Denver police officer threatened her with arrest Monday for displaying an anti-Bush sticker that includes an epithet. “He said, ‘You need to take off those stickers because it’s profanity and it’s against the law,’ ” Bates said of the officer.

I suppose this police segeant isn’t offended by the $88 million Bush has spent on PR flacks/journalists, or the 1,400 dead American troops in Iraq, or any of the other official misdeeds of the administration. But this woman’s F*CK BUSH bumper sticker is worthy of an arrest and legal slapdown. He needs to hang up his political beliefs in the locker before he gets into his police cruiser. F*cker. (Rocky Mountain News):

A Denver police sergeant is under investigation for allegedly threatening to arrest a woman Monday for displaying on her truck a derogatory bumper sticker about President Bush.

He told her that this was a warning and that the next time he saw her truck, she was going to be arrested if she didn’t remove the sticker,” said Alinna Figueroa, 25, assistant manager of The UPS Store where the confrontation took place. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Denver police have initiated an investigation into the alleged incident, said Police Chief Gerry Whitman. He declined to comment further. About 11 a.m., Shasta Bates, 26, was standing in the shopping center store in the 800 block of South Monaco Parkway when a man walked in and started arguing with her about a bumper sticker on the back of her truck that had “F— Bush” in white letters on a black background.

“He was saying it was very sick and wrong and you shouldn’t be doing that,” Bates said. “He was very offended by it. I said, ‘You didn’t have to take it so personally.’ ” The two argued for a few minutes, and then the man walked out of the store and stood behind Bates’ truck. A few minutes later, the man flagged down police Sgt. Michael Karasek, who was patrolling the area.

Rocky Mountain News reporter Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, who happened to be at the store at the time, walked up to the two and asked what was going on. The man pointed the bumper sticker out to McCrimmon, and then Karasek told her that it was illegal because it was profane, McCrimmon said. Reached late Monday, City Attorney Cole Finnegan said he didn’t believe there were any city ordinances against displaying a profane bumper sticker.

Karasek then walked into the store and confronted Bates. “He said, ‘You need to take off those stickers because it’s profanity and it’s against the law to have profanity on your truck,’ ” Bates said. “Then he said, ‘If you ever show up here again, I’m going to make you take those stickers off and arrest you. Never come back into that area.’ ”

McCrimmon, who had followed the officer into the store, said Karasek wrote down the woman’s license-plate number and then told her: “You take those bumper stickers off or I will come and find you and I will arrest you.”

Bates said she hasn’t had many complaints about her sticker, which has shared the space on the back of her truck with many other stickers since August. She said she put the sticker on her truck because she disagrees with Bush’s stance on homosexuality and “other issues.” “I get some older men who pull up at the side of me and start yelling and cussing,” she said, “but it’s not a crime unless they take some action.” Colorado ACLU Legal Director Mark Silverstein said that the alleged threat of arrest clearly violates First Amendment protection.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“But a federal court won’t allow South Carolina to have a pro life license plate. We indeed live in sick times.”

“Unless my eyes mislead me Shasta Bates is a lesbian. I bet the whole thing is made up BS. She should get counseling for her mental illness.”

“Perfectly legal for cops to do this in Denver. They are a “home rule” city so whatever the cops and the City Council dream up is pretty much Law inviolate. At least, that is the BS I’ve been told right here on FR…”

“I don’t think it’s any worse that “S##T Happens” or those pics of little boys peeing on a Nascar Number…or whatever. It’s all offensive and adding to the vulgarity of our society. People don’t even make a pretense of an apology anymore with the old “excuse my French” when they curse in public. And I think the feminist movement brought about a lot of it.”

“Right before the election we were in Denver and there was a car in our parking lot with a sign in the window…..Somewhere in Texas a village is missing it’s idiot. My husband asked the guy if he was the one that was missing!!!! The guy was not amused!!!!! LOL…..Denver and Boulder are far far left kookburgers…..but for the most part the rest of the state is normally sane!!!!”

“But the “right” to use the F word against the President for all to see THAT’S okay! Stunning in the extreme!! Don’t know the scripture, but the Bible says Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. “

“The cop probably made a joke and the lesbo went ballistic.”

“Suits me, the place is a cesspool. I won’t go there or patronize any buisness there. I tell merchents that, I won’t pay taxes to support that town. Too bad I have to miss the Sportsmans Exposition again, though.”

“some bumbers just beg to be chained to telephone poles” [WTF?!]

Thanks to House Blend reader JJ for the pointer

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