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Adventures in Punditry Part Deux

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Ann Coulter, appearing on Canadian TV, sets ignorant Canadian masses straight on the subject of Viet Nam and does Joe Scarborough one better:

Coulter: “Canada used to be one of our most loyal friends and vice-versa. I mean Canada sent troops to Vietnam – was Vietnam less containable and more of a threat than Saddam Hussein?”

McKeown interrupts: “Canada didn’t send troops to Vietnam.”

Coulter: “I don’t think that’s right.”

McKeown: “Canada did not send troops to Vietnam.”

Coulter (looking desperate): “Indochina?”

McKeown: “Uh no. Canada …second World War of course. Korea. Yes. Vietnam No.”

Coulter: “I think you’re wrong.”

McKeown: “No, took a pass on Vietnam.”

Coulter: “I think you’re wrong.”

McKeown: “No, Australia was there, not Canada.”

Coulter: “I think Canada sent troops.”

McKeown: “No.”

Coulter: “Well. I’ll get back to you on that.”

McKeown concludes:

“Coulter never got back to us — but for the record, like Iraq, Canada sent no troops to Vietnam.”

‘Cos she had much more important things to do. Like scurry back to the greenroom for cigarettes and water to pen another chapter for her next book, tentatively entitled Facts/Schmacts and 15 Ways to Purge Falafel.

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