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Contribute your Gag-me witticisms to Shakespeare's Sister's "Official Right-on-Right Get-It-On-a-thon"

What is a Right-on-Right Get-It-On-a-thon? It’s an off-the-cuff challenge by the usually politically intense (and always eloquent) fellow bloggrrrl Shakespeare’s Sister. We were commenting on her blog about the Arlington Group’s Bush kneecap-bashing threat over Social Security. The Right was going apesh*t and plans to withdraw support for the dismantling of SocSec if the Admin didn’t support a marriage amendment (my blog on it here). Photogenic wingnut Tony Perkins (president of the Family Research Council) said that the American Taliban’s dissatisfaction with the White House ranks an 8 out of 10. I’ll let Bloggrrrl Sister take it from here…

Pam commented, “I’m wondering what it would take make them hit the apesh*t 10 level?” to which I responded, “A picture of Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman having wild monkey sex on SpongeBob SquarePants sheets.”

Pam was disturbed by that image for some reason.

But she got me back. In response to my post about Joe Lieberman’s less than stellar performance at Condi’s confirmation hearing, Pam commented, “I imagine Joe licking Condi’s sensible shiny patent leather pumps and getting off on it (then feeling terribly guilty).”

This image spawned two things:

1) A dose of the dry heaves
2) The Official Right-on-Right Get-It-On-a-thon

The challenge: Come up with the most abhorrent, gut-churning imagery of two of your favorite GOP operatives in a compromising position. No extra points for ménage e trios or orgiastic shenanigans.

Bush and his Pet Goat in a bestial fling? Laura Bush and Ann Coulter in a hot lesbian love-in? Newt and Rush in a flab-slapping hayroll? No holds barred. Be imaginative, feel free to submit links to any imagery that might enhance your entry, and pass it on!

She also passed along some inspirational images for you to consider…

So run, don’t walk, over to Shakespeare’s Sister and post your creative coupling — there are some good ones going already. My visualization is one of Falwell at a Furries Convention as Tinky Winky, getting it on by dry humping Pooh, SpongeBob, and all those other cartoon figures the Right obsesses over.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding