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Army Reserve is a “Broken Force” says Boss

Lt Gen James Helmly, chief of the US Army Reserve, is not a happy man.

First he told the Dallas Morning News that the draft might have to be reinstated to meet the demands placed on the Reserves. Now, in a internal memorandum, he describes:

…the Army Reserve’s inability under current policies, procedures and practices … to meet mission requirements associated with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The Army Reserve is additionally in grave danger of being unable to meet other operational requirements and is rapidly degenerating into a broken force.

Pretty interesting article in the Guardian U.K. by former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal. Once again, you have to go outside the US to find media willing to honestly and critically talk about what’s really going on in Iraq.

But hey, wasn’t Laura’s silvery-blue tulle inauguration frock lovely?

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Jane Hamsher

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