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Some local dark humor…man on the slab wrongly declared dead

This happened in Franklin County, NC…

Medical examiner J.B. Perdue was startled when he saw the body he was examining take a shallow breath. Larry D. Green was lying in an unzipped body bag in the morgue at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department complex Monday night while Perdue began documenting his injuries to certify a cause of death.

I had to look twice myself just to make sure it was there, that’s how subtle it [the breath] was,” Perdue said. Green’s status was upgraded — from dead to alive — close to two hours after he was hit by a car on a dark road. He was declared dead at the accident scene…Emergency medical technicians declared Green dead and placed him in a body bag for transport to the morgue.

Trooper T.L. Hunt joined Perdue at the morgue at 10:30 p.m. to gather more information about what was assumed to be a fatal accident, McQuillan said. Perdue unzipped the body bag about 11 p.m. and began his examination.

“I saw a slight, irregular breath,” Perdue said. “That’s when I notified [emergency medical services] to quickly come back and pick up the body.”

…Franklin County EMS referred questions to Darnell Batton, the county attorney, who said several members of the Franklin EMS have been suspended pending an investigation.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding