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Lesbian characters on PBS cartoon gets Education Sec's panties in a bunch

Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education, freshly confirmed homo-bigot in the Bush administration, thinks Buster visiting a lesbian couple will corrupt children.

[UPDATE: Freepers comments added; salt to taste.]

What is it with wingnuts, cartoons and tolerance? Make no mistake, the Bush team is populated with folks like Spellings that see perversion in everything. It makes you wonder what kinds of sick dreams they have at night. (

The not-yet-aired episode of “Postcards From Buster” shows the title character, an animated bunny named Buster, on a trip to Vermont – a state known for recognizing same-sex civil unions. The episode features two lesbian couples, although the focus is on farm life and maple sugaring.

A PBS spokesman said late Tuesday that the nonprofit network has decided not to distribute the episode, called “Sugartime!,” to its 349 stations. She said the Education Department’s objections were not a factor in that decision.

“Ultimately, our decision was based on the fact that we recognize this is a sensitive issue, and we wanted to make sure that parents had an opportunity to introduce this subject to their children in their own time,” said Lea Sloan, vice president of media relations at PBS.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said the “Sugartime!” episode does not fulfill the intent Congress had in mind for programming. By law, she said, any funded shows must give top attention to “research-based educational objectives, content and materials.” “Many parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles portrayed in the episode,” Spellings wrote in a letter sent Tuesday to Pat Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of PBS.

Congress’ and the Department’s purpose in funding this programming certainly was not to introduce this kind of subject matter to children, particularly through the powerful and intimate medium of television.”

She asked PBS to consider refunding the money it spent on the episode.

With her letter, Spellings has made criticism of the publicly funded program’s depiction of the gay lifestyle one of her first acts as secretary. She began on Monday, replacing Rod Paige as President Bush’s education chief.

Spellings issued three requests to PBS.

She asked that her department’s seal or any statement linking the department to the show be removed. She asked PBS to notify its member stations of the nature of show so they could review it before airing it. And she asked for the refund “in the interest of avoiding embroiling the Ready-To-Learn program in a controversy that will only hurt” it.

In closing, she warned: “You can be assured that in the future the department will be more clear as to its expectations for any future programming that it funds.”

Oh, the Freeperland lunacy. One of them just seemed to realize that they have an ally in the repressed Margaret Spellings.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?:

“PBS must have come to the realization that after their unsuccessful all-out November liberal media blitz and all out anti-GW campaign (along with their fund-raising telethons) with every PBS talking head that didn’t score too well with voters. They are skating on thin ice now. I say SHOW THE LESBIAN CARTOON..and lets all LAUGH when they KISS THEIR PUBLIC FUNDING GOOD-FRICKING-BYE…..”

“Education Secretary Margaret Spellings appears to be an ally of us bigoted heterosexuals -I wonder what her take on the NEA is?”

“WGBH, the Boston public television station appears infested with the same homosexual activist scourge infesting Massachusetts…”

“Vermont, a state that recognizes same-sex civil unions. The episode features two lesbian couples, Ironically enough, the group of gay Republicans in Mass. is called the LOG CABIN Club (syrup connection!) :)”

Is it just me or are our schools and children under a full-scale attack

from the brainwashing pro-homosexual leftists

“Why not force all public schools to sponsor field trips to Adult Bookstores??? Enough of the Evil!!! “

Thanks to House Blend reader Marcy for the pointer.

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