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Homo-bigot Alabama sheriff removes 'quaint' letter from county web site

Proud homophobe Sheriff Mac Holcomb of Guntersville, AL.

Good old Mac had the Klan sheet ripped right out from under him, lol. He found out that using the taxpayers’ money to spew his “nostalgic” views about homos didn’t go over well with a good number of people. He is, however, unrepentant and plans to continue sharing his homespun, hate-filled messages on his new web site. (Huntsville Times via AmericaBlog):

Marshall County Sheriff Mac Holcomb said Monday he will remove a personal letter critical of the homosexual lifestyle from a county-sponsored Web site.

…”The letter was never meant to be an expression of official county policy,” Holcomb said in a news release. “We at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department have always treated all victims of crime, all criminal suspects, all detainees, all inmates exactly the same. “We give them every right afforded them by Alabama law and the United States Constitution.”

[Yeah, Mac — we all feel a little bit safer now. I will make sure I avoid driving through your county at night, though. Thanks a bunch. ]

Holcomb said the letter was his expression of personal beliefs, ones that “I still hold and will continue to hold until the day I die.”

He said the letter will be removed and placed on a personal Web site,

“This will prevent the county from having to spend money unnecessarily in defending a frivolous lawsuit and … this action will make it clear that the views expressed are my personal views and do not represent official policy of the county or the sheriff’s department,” Holcomb said in the release.

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