Wasted days and wasted nights

Well it looks like Michelle Malkin wasted a bunch of time getting all nipply over TERRORISTS CREEPING OVER OUR BORDERS!!!! RUN! RUN! AAIIEEE!!!:

The FBI said Tuesday that the possible terrorist plot reported against Boston by a tipster last week was a false alarm.

“There were in fact no terrorist plans or activity under way,” the FBI said in a statement. “Because the criminal investigation is ongoing, no further details can be provided at this time.”

Not that Michelle is giving up, mind you:

KGTV San Diego reports on an arrest in the alleged Boston “dirty bomb” plot. The brief article notes:

Mexican police arrested Jose Beltran Quinones in Mexicali, Mexico, Monday. Beltrans claimed that he helped a group of Chinese nationals illegally cross into the United States from Mexico.

According to his tip, they were intent on detonating a dirty bomb in Boston. Beltrans is now being questioned by U.S. and Mexican officials about his motives.

…Still leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Like why any newspaper other than the My Weekly Klan Reader would bother to purchase a syndicated column written by Miss Maladroit.

Yup. It’s a mystery…

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