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The Right is going to be pissed at Bush

Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., center, flanked by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., left, and Sen. Rick “Dog Sex” Santorum), R-Pa., brushing aside mixed signals from the White House on the issue’s importance at the start of President Bush’s second term. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke).

Looks like the support for Wayne Allard’s #1 priority to protect marriage is going to be tepid. I’m wondering how long it will be before someone at AgapePress or The Conservative Voice goes apesh*t on Bush and Frist for not jumping right on the bandwagon. (AP):

White House counselor Dan Bartlett (r) will be kept busy dodging mad wingnuts in the press.

…Bush pushed hard for a vote in both houses of Congress on the amendment during last year’s election campaign. This year, he said in a Washington Post interview he will not lobby the Senate to pass the amendment, adding there are not enough supporters to approve the measure. When social conservatives complained, White House counselor Dan Bartlett said Bush was talking about the “legislative reality,” and will continue to push for the ban.

Additionally, White House strategist Karl Rove did not mention the issue when he spoke to GOP lawmakers earlier this winter and laid out the president’s top priorities.

Nor did the GOP leadership include the measure on its list of top 10 legislative priorities for the next two years, an agenda topped by Bush’s call for landmark Social Security legislation and an overhaul of the tax code. Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said the measure was omitted because it is an amendment rather than traditional legislation, and said he hoped it would pass.

Actually, there are already strong rumblings of discontent with Bush from his evangelical “base,” as it were. Look at this news squib from American Family Association’s media organ, AgapePress (tip, courtesy of AmericaBlog). The wingnuts are starting to rumble about whether Bush is as committed to the evangelical political mission…

Evanga-wingnut, religious bigot John Lofton.

Some conservative Christians are asking questions regarding the faith of President Bush based on his recent actions. Christian social commentator John Lofton is upset over some things the president has done lately, including the chief executive’s praise of the Koran during his inauguration speech last week. “It was deeply distressing to hear President Bush mention the Koran, which is a vehemently anti-Christian [and] anti-Jewish document, in the same breath with the Old and the New Testaments,” Lofton says. The columnist also notes that in his Christmas address, Bush failed to mention the name of Christ — yet he honored Ramadan and an Indian holiday that features an eight-legged elephant god. And today’s (January 24) March for Life in Washington, DC, follows on the heels of the president’s approval of a pro-abortion woman for the number-two spot on the Republican National Committee [see my post here on this]. Lofton has written a column wondering just what kind of faith President Bush has.

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