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Supreme Court Punts on 'Choose Life' Plates

In 2001, South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges signed the law allowing the Choose Life license plates.

The wingers are angry at this one. See Freeper comments below…(WP):

The Supreme Court declined Monday to consider whether states may offer plates with anti-abortion messages, leaving lower courts divided over whether the programs in a dozen states unconstitutionally restrict dissenting views.

Without comment, justices let stand a lower court ruling that said South Carolina’s license plates, which bear the slogan “Choose Life,” violate the First Amendment because abortion rights supporters weren’t given a similar forum to express their beliefs.

The high court’s move means that South Carolina will either have to eliminate the specialty plates or begin offering plates with abortion-rights views. That ruling is an odds, however, with a decision by the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which essentially allowed the plates because it said anti-abortion advocates didn’t have standing to bring a lawsuit in the case.

…States offering the plates are: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

The states that have “undertaken legislative action to some degree” on anti-abortion plates are: California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

The law allowing the “Choose Life” plate was signed by South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges in 2001 and included in a bill that allowed NASCAR and other specialty plates. In 2003, U.S. District Judge Patrick Michael Duffy issued a preliminary injunction blocking South Carolina from issuing the plates until the case was heard.

Actual Freeper Quotes”

“Nah, let ’em come up with blood-red plates that read “Right to Choose.” I’ll bet that will make their children feel special. Maybe someday they’ll ask, “Mommy, did I have any brothers or sisters you didn’t tell me about?”

“So Planned Parenthood wanted a plate that said “Choose Death”, or “Kill Your Baby”?”

“Well, the Planned Parenthood eugenicists are perfectly free to petition the state to set up a whole series of pro-abortion plates, such as: “Crack Babies – Better Dead than Born”; “Planned Parenthood – ‘Exterminating the Negro Population’ Since 1939”; “Planned Parenthood – Practical Eugenics”; “Abortion – Practical Solutions for a Cleaner Race”

“I’m still pissed that my state, Nevada, quashed a move to create a specialty plate honoring the nuclear workers of the state. The plate had a beautiful picture of a glowing mushroom cloud. I had plans to get one of those as a vanity plate: KABOOM.”

“So, if my state puts out a “Save The Planet” plate, I can demand a “Kill More Whales” plate. Cool.”

“Saddam killed several hundred thousand or 1 or 2 million, the PLO kills wantonly, but just say “choose life” and every damn left wingnut has cats.”

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