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The 'outing' campaign against homo-bigots is going to continue

Tough times require tough action, and BlogACTIVE‘s been responsible for the some of the most high-profile campaigns to “out” hypocritical homosexuals in power working to roll back the rights of gays and lesbians. I use “out” in quotes, because these are gay people that are socially out. They are just not politically out, choosing to lie by omission because it suits their day jobs sucking up to the likes of the Christian Coalition. These are campaign managers, fundraisers and legislators at in the corridors of power, ready to elect homophobic officials and pass restrictive hate laws, even as they enjoy homosexual activities themselves under the cover of anonymity. Mike Rogers’s web site is going to continue to expose these people who are dangerous to the gay community. (Baywindows, via RawStoryQ):

Last August Michael Rogers emerged as a giant-slayer when he ended the electoral career of Virginia Beach’s anti-gay Republican congressman Edward Schrock by outing him with the click of a computer mouse. Rogers has a new giant in his sights, the newly elected head of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman, about whom gay rumors have circulated since last summer. Rogers has ratcheted up his efforts to out Mehlman, who oversaw President Bush’s reelection campaign, in concert with President Bush’s Jan. 20 inauguration. On Jan. 18, the day before Mehlman was elected to his new post, Rogers sent an e-mail to what he claims are thousands of Republican activists, describing Mehlman as an out gay man. Not that Rogers is trying to cost Mehlman his job.

“Having a gay chairman of the Republican National Committee, that to me would be a good thing for gay people, because I think when Ken Mehlman sits down with the president and sits down with leaders and [Bush advisor] Karl Rove and they start to beat up gay people, they should know that the guy they’re beating up is one of the people sitting in the room right there,” said Rogers.

…Rogers, a D.C.-based activist, has been on a quest to expose hypocrisy among closeted elected officials and political operatives since this past summer, when he began outing the staffers of Republican legislators who supported the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). In July he launched blogACTIVE, where his outing campaign targeted legislators like Schrock and California Republican Rep. David Dreier, as well as RNC National Field Director Daniel Gurley, RNC Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration Ed Banning, and Mehlman.

…While Rogers’ outing campaign began making waves when he started exposing congressional staffers, he had his first major triumph with Schrock. In his two terms in Congress, Schrock had made a name for himself as an opponent of LGBT rights, co-sponsoring the FMA and speaking out against gay and lesbian people serving in the military. In mid-August, Rogers announced on his site that he had tapes of Schrock soliciting oral sex from other men on a phone sex line. By the end of the month Schrock ended his reelection bid, citing unspecified allegations against him that would distract from his campaign and the Washington Post ran a story about how the blogACTIVE accusations ended his campaign. The day Schrock withdrew from the race Rogers posted the audio from the tapes online and challenged Schrock to prove that they were false. Schrock never responded, and when his term ended he joined the staff of the congressional Government Reform Committee, where he had served as a congressman.

…He said blogACTIVE does the work the mainstream media should be doing in exposing closeted gay and lesbian people who work against LGBT equality.

“It’s a recognition of the failure of the mainstream media. If the mainstream media would send a pool reporter to sit on 17th street [one of the centers of D.C.’s gay nightlife] and report in the gossip columns the way they report on heterosexual people in Georgetown, the Federal Marriage Amendment would never come up in Congress,” Rogers argued.

He said beyond Mehlman he has many more potential targets in the coming months. “I’m working on a member of the president’s cabinet, a nominee,” he said, although he declined to be more specific.

[Disclosure and all that jazz: I am an occasional contributor to RawStoryQ, which is run by Mike Rogers.]

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