Operation Look Busy

This ought to do it:

With the trail of Osama bin Laden gone cold, the U.S. State Department is revving up a new publicity blitz to remind Afghans and Pakistanis of the $25 million bounty for al-Qaeda’s chief. Bin Laden is still thought to be hiding somewhere along the 1,640-mile, mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border, but intelligence officials in Kabul and Islamabad say there has been no trace of him for the past 20 months. By the end of February, the White House is expected to double the sum on bin Laden’s head, to $50 million, acting on legislation passed in November by Congress.

Because, these days, $25 million is chump change in Kabul. But $50 million? Now you’re talking, Sparky.

Jesus. This is like “double secret probation”.

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