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The Tar Heel State can claim a homo-bigot of the week – Nathan Tabor

Pretty boy Nathan, and the source of his factoids about homosexuality, discredited “scientist” Paul Cameron.

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Nathan Tabor has a problem. He has an obsession with homos. He thinks a lot about them in his essay “Homosexuals should pay more insurance,” spewing forth a diatribe of nonsensical lies and hysterically insecure commentary. The Kernersville, NC-based Tabor considers himself a “conservative political activist” and is a contributing editor at The Conservative Voice. He also worked with Focus on the Family and BC04 on GOTV campaigns, and made a bid of his own for the Fifth Congressional District here in NC. He thankfully missed the runoff by 8 points. That’s way too close, as you will see when you read this crap below.

Nathan with newly minted NC Senator Richard Burr; Nathan getting cozy with our other Senator, Elizabeth “Empty Wig” Dole.

Nathan is a two-for-one bigot, because while he may be a Tar Heel, he hails from Huntsville, Alabama. That’s my wifey Katie’s birth state; I give her no end of grief about possible gubernatorial candidate Roy “Ten Commandments” Moore and various wingnut crackpots such as your friendly bigoted sheriff Mac Holcomb. I will humiliate the state again by tying it to yet another homophobe. More from Nathan’s article:

Some would say it is a known fact that most homosexuals, and especially gay men, are promiscuous. Their rhetoric is carefully crafted to give the impression they are in “committed, caring relationships” while research suggests that the vast majority of gays are neither celibate nor monogamous. (All heterosexuals are not celibate or monogamous either.) Some may say, so what? Well, the corollary to this homosexual health hypothesis is another proven fact: most sexually active homosexuals simply don’t live a very long time. The heartier they party, it seems, the shorter the time that party lasts.

According to a article entitled “The Longevity of Homosexuals” in the Omega Journal of Death and Dying, the median age of death from AIDS for homosexual men is 37, and the median age of death from other causes is 42. This does not compare favorably to the ever-increasing average lifespan of the rest of the heterosexual American population.

Nathan gets extra bonus points above for referencing the discredited “scientist” Paul Cameron‘s “research” that gay men die at 42. Therefore, he reasons, gays should be charged more for insurance because of the higher incidence of AIDS in gay men.

…The conclusion is simple. Homosexual activists say they want equal rights and treatment. Fine. Let’s use their own arguments against them here. Let’s start by having them pay their fair share of the healthcare costs that accompany their lifestyle.

Long-term medical treatment for HIV and AIDS is usually protracted and tremendously expensive. Maybe that’s why gay activists are pushing so hard for spousal benefits for domestic partners of homosexuals – so somebody else, like the government or an employer, will pick up the tab. “Risky” behavior is called risky for a reason. It means that by doing it, you put your life in danger. It’s really a lot like gambling for high stakes. The more you play, the more you stand to lose. For indulging in this risky behavior, you rightfully SHOULD pay more for both life and health insurance.

Look! Nathan’s smiling with Mr. Viagra himself; And there’s a nice one with pious John “Let the Eagle Soar” AssCroft.

This isn’t a religious or even a moral values argument. This is strictly a common sense fiscal argument. You play risky, you pay more. That’s only fair. In fact, if these types of policies aren’t implemented, then health-conscious people are the ones being discriminated against. You can’t blame the insurance companies for charging more. After all, their likelihood of having to pay out large sums of money on behalf of their gay clients is significantly greater.

Drinking and smoking, for example, are all directly related to dozens of diseases and medical conditions. So insurance companies habitually charge higher premiums. But non-smokers, non-drinkers and those who exercise get better rates than those who don’t practice such healthy lifestyle choices.

What about skydivers, hang gliders, and racecar drivers – do they pay the same life insurance premiums as those who watch birds or collect stamps? Not hardly.

[Last time I looked there was a skyrocketing rise in the the transmission of AIDS to black, heterosexual women who did nothing more than sleep with their seemingly monogamous partners. Are they engaging in risky behavior?]

The same logic should be applied to practicing homosexuals. When actuaries and insurance underwriters finally figure out this formula, we may see some instantaneous lifestyle changes. After all, their risky homosexual behavior is a lifestyle choice, not a destiny. If the proven threat to their health won’t do the trick, maybe the cost to their pocketbooks will.

This man is a fool, and thank god he didn’t make the runoff when he ran for the Fifth Congressional District seat here in NC. No Tar Heel needs a jackass like Nathan representing them. Take a look at the endorsements he received:

  • Dr. Jerry Falwell
  • Dr. Pat Robertson
  • Local Gun Stores
  • Dr. Bob Jones III
  • Concerned Women of America
  • From the Right to Life

And no political future is sealed without a kiss up to Rummy! Thanks, Nathan!

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UPDATE: I have a DKos diary up on this as well.

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