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Naked man found roaming elementary school

A face only a mother could love.

So much for security in the schools in Albuquerque. There isn’t too much you can spin with a story like this, but the hoot is the quote at the from a relative of this whack job. ( Mark Banashefsky was arrested early Tuesday morning after breaking in to Eubank Elementary School through a window. APS police report it isn’t the first time they’ve been involved with the 50 year old Banashefsky. “The same officer, the same offender, different school,” recalls APS Police Chief Gil Lovato. “The officer responded to a silent alarm at one of our schools, found the same offender, disrobed, doing the same thing five years ago.”

Old police reports show that Banashefsky had been arrested naked in a girls’ restroom at Hayes Middle School five years ago. Court records show Banashefsky has a history of criminal trespassing and resisting officers. When detained at Eubank Elementary on Tuesday, Banshefsky had a box cutter, Swiss army knives and traces of both methamphetamine and marijuana. “It looked like he had marijuana and other drugs on him,” said Chief Lovato. “There was no question: He was on drugs himself.

A relative of Banashefsky characterized Banashefsky as a “solid person” who could probably use some psychiatric help.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding