Because grieving mothers are such an hoot

Tim Graham reminds us of why The Corner is the natural habitat of nitwits:

Yes on the MSM, K-Lo. ABC’s Good Morning America really hit hard this morning on the notion that the Inauguration is too “lavish” for the times. Claire Shipman insisted on it as she interviewed the First Lady. When that was done, Peter Jennings chimed in: “Now, it’s a little risky, George Stephanopoulos, to contradict the First Lady, it is pretty lavish and it was pretty lavish last night.” Jennings also pressed the “lavish” issue on Rudy Giuliani.

PS: Just for added fun, GMA also interviewed Cindy Sheehan, who’s protesting the Inauguration because her son died in Iraq last April. (my emphasis)

This is Cindy Sheehan’s son, Casey.

You’ve got to hand it to Tim, for a tone-deaf fat fuck, he sure has a way with words.

You can e-mail Tim’s employers at the MRC here and ask them why he hates American soldiers and their grieving parents.

Just for added fun, mind you.

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