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Right wing Catholics about children of gays: 'Pawns of the Homosexual Agenda'

William Donahue of the Catholic League actually emits less wingnuttery than the other person in this article, Stephen Brady of “Roman Catholic Faithful. “That’s amazing.

I love the nutjobs at AgapePress, the “news” organ of the loony religious wingnuts, homo-bashing American Family Association. They released the following story today on the holier-than-thou parents that were pressing for a gay couple to remove their child from their Catholic school because of their homosexuality. The diocese slapped the parents down. Roman Catholics in the Orange County diocese are now accusing the diocese of violating church doctrine.

The best part is, they actually feature sane, if still bigoted, quotes from the always-belligerent Catholic talking head William Donohue of the Catholic League. I always think the guy is going to have a stroke when he gets asked questions about homos on shows like Hardball. You’d think his doctor would tell him to stop doing these gigs because he just may have a stroke on the air. (AgapePress):

Catholic League president William Donohue says there are two issues to consider, one being a matter of principle and the other, a matter of prudence. “There is a moral principal, expressed in Judeo-Christian thought,” he notes, “that the innocent should not be punished for the transgressions of the guilty.”

In other words, Donohue explains, it would be wrong to make children suffer for the sins of the father, or “in this instance, we can amend that to ‘fathers.'” But at the same time, he adds, “On a prudential level, it makes no sense to single out kids whose parents are gay,” as opposed to the children of parents guilty of other sexual sins, such as adultery or cohabitation, or children who were born out of wedlock. While the issue may be new, the Catholic League spokesman contends that the heart of the matter is not. “There is no fundamental tension between opposing gay marriage as a matter of public policy and accepting the children of gay parents in a Catholic school,” he says. In this case, as in others, he asserts, “the spiritual well-being of the kids is, or should be, the paramount concern.”

So, good old Bill manages to keep his blood pressure on an even keel, but then they quote a truly unhinged f*cktard, Stephen Brady of some organization called Roman Catholic Faithful (check out that site for a truly disturbing editorial cartoon about the Terri Schiavo case).

Children as Pawns of the Homosexual Agenda?

But Stephen Brady, who heads the group Roman Catholic Faithful, says the children are in a no-win situation, unless they are removed from the school. “Clearly, these homosexuals — these sodomites, if you will — are using these poor children as a political pawn,” he says.

What father in his right mind would place his children in a school that is so hostile to their very way of life? And that’s what they’ve done,” Brady continues. “The spiritual well-being of these children is in no way benefited by keeping them in a Catholic school that is going to someday tell them their whole life is a lie. I mean, it’s going to be so traumatic to these children that God only knows what the result will be to their personalities and their faith in general.”

In fact, the Roman Catholic Faithful spokesman contends that a priest should never have baptized the two children in the first place, and should certainly not have permitted the two homosexual “parents” to enter the Catholic school and print their names in a parish directory. “The ones doing real harm to using these children,” Brady says, “are the priest and the nun who allowed this to happen.”

What a sick bastard Brady is. Who is he to judge? You just cannot believe the hatred and intolerance coming from people that claim to be spiritual.

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