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Martin Luther "Coon" King weatherman's 'gaffe' wasn't live… it was prerecorded

In my earlier post on KTNV’s Rob Blair, the Vegas weatherman that was fired for saying the above slur, he claimed to have had a “slip of the tongue.” As House Blend reader Paul found in another news piece on this story, the damn thing was taped ahead of time, so Blair and whatever tech crew was on set, plus the studio editors had ample time to cut and redo that crap. They are now “investigating.” (AP):

A local television station is investigating how a taped broadcast that included a racial slur was allowed to air over the weekend. An official from the parent company of KTNV-TV said Wednesday that the station is reviewing the safeguards it has in place to prevent errors from getting on the air.

Jim Thomas, vice president of marketing and programming for Milwaukee-based Journal Broadcast Group, which owns KTNV-TV Channel 13, said the weather segment was prerecorded. Thomas said several people were involved in the tape’s production at the ABC affiliate and the station was meeting with them for their account of what happened.

Weatherman Rob Blair was fired Saturday after he used a slur when giving the extended weather forecast for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He apologized on the air before the station fired him.

Blair has said the slur was a slip of the tongue and did not mean to offend anyone. [Complete Bullsh*t.]

Thomas declined comment on whether other staff members might be reprimanded or lose their jobs over the incident.

Oh, BTW. Here is the contact info for KTNV, via the Journals Broadcast Group’s web site:
KTNV-TV, Channel 13, ABC
3355 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Tel: (702) 876-1313
Fax: (702) 871-1961

Marketing, Programming and Media Relations
Jim Thomas, Vice President, Marketing, Programming and Media Relations
Tel: (414) 967-5293
Fax: (414) 967-5255

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