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5 Car Bombs Rock Baghdad Before Elections

Yes, step right on up to the ballot box, folks, and get your *ss blown the f*ck up. Is that what Bush is telling the average Iraqi to do? Never mind most of the residents of Fallujah have no home to go to.

This election, no matter what happens, is never going to be seen as legitimate. (AP):

Insurgents unleashed a wave of five car bombings across the capital Wednesday, killing about a dozen people, despite stepped-up U.S. and Iraqi measures to protect this month’s elections. North of Baghdad, insurgents killed a British security officer and kidnapped a Japanese engineer, officials said.

Gunmen fired on the Baghdad office of a major Kurdish party and two senior officials escaped assassination in separate attacks in the north. The U.S. military put the death toll from the day’s Baghdad bombings at 26, saying the number was based on initial reports at the scene. Iraqi officials gave a lower toll — 12 people killed in the bombings and one at the Kurdish office.

Sunni Muslim insurgents have threatened to disrupt the elections, and the five car bombings — four within a span of 90 minutes — underscored the grave threat facing Iraqis at this watershed in their history. U.S. and Iraqi forces have stepped up raids and arrests in Baghdad, Mosul and other troublespots as the elections approach.

President Bush called interim President Ghazi al-Yawer on Wednesday to discuss preparations for the elections, including security and how to encourage voter turnout among Sunnis.

Makes you want to queue right on up, doesn’t it?

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