We have a confession to make…

We commented below about the lead singer from Fuel saying the most unholy of words in front of all the virgins (as well as the Bush twins) at You Can Still Rock In America, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Fest last night. At the time we weren’t sure if we had ever heard a song by Fuel before, but after consulting our crack team of brain cells we discovered that we were familiar with their hit, Hemorrhage (In My Hands), but we thought that we were hearing the band Live whom we don’t like either.

We apologize for not making a snotty comment about them earlier. It won’t happen again.

Additionally we neglected to point out that the article failed to mention Matchbox Twenty-wannabes, Boxkar (the Pride of Oshkosh), and how they totally raised the roof or rocked the house or whatever the hell it is that they do. If we were them, and we’re glad we’re not, we would consider this a career setback, providing they regard being members of Boxkar a career, as opposed to their day jobs stocking small appliances at Best Buy where they have all shown great potential and are real team players.

Again, we apologize.

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