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“My Ten Days in Prison” – Bible beater wigged out by lesbians in prison

A group of evangelical Christians is facing hate crimes prosecution for assaulting attendees at a Philadelphia Pride festival. After they were arrested one of the women, Linda Beckman, a 67-year-old grandmother from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, gave a first-hand account of life behind bars to Concerned Women of America. Here are some entertaining excerpts, which prove that a religious wingnut in your cell is as scary as a big BD prison warden! (Concerned Women for America):

Editor’s Note: Last October, police arrested 11 Christians in Philadelphia for singing hymns and reading Scripture aloud at a homosexual event called “Outfest.” …Although the other 10 Christians were released on their own recognizance, Linda wound up spending 10 days in jail because of a prior conviction involving actions during a pro-life event. It is Concerned Women for America’s position that Linda was punished unjustly, but nevertheless God used her mightily during her prison stay..

I must say, when I got up to my block, I felt some fear. It was a very large room with 64 cells (two people to a cell) and two guards for all these women. I was in a women’s prison, but as I looked around, I saw many prisoners who looked like men. Homosexuality is rampant in the prison. I quoted the Scripture 2 Timothy 1:7 to myself, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” The fear left me. I was put in a cell with five other women.

Out of the five people in my cell, three were lesbians. Oh, how my heart grieved! I called out to God and said, “I know you created them to be women, but they act like animals.” Their language and actions were more than I could bear. It was much, much worse than when I was imprisoned in the early ’90s for doing rescue work.

At one point, two girls in my cell had a Bible and were reading out loud and mocking. I would interject when they would say they didn’t understand it. The girl above me leaned down and said, “You know so much, how do you know it?” I explained that I had been a Christian for 26 years and read the Bible all that time. I told them that the Bible said fornicators wouldn’t get into heaven. I explained that fornication was sex before marriage. One lesbian said, “Oh, I guess I’m in trouble.” I told her she was, to which she replied, “Oh, I don’t believe all the Bible!” However, she requested a Bible from the chaplain and said that she would read it.

After two nights of no sleep, due to the noise from the women in my cell and their vulgar language, I called out to God to bind the spirits of lesbianism and vulgar language. After I returned from a court hearing, I knew that I still had a few more days to spend in jail. One of the women in my cell said, “Now tonight we’re going to be quiet and let ‘mom’ [me] sleep. … And another thing, we’re going to stop this foul language.” When one would slip, another would say, “Watch your mouth.” God is so faithful!

I could make all sorts of wry comments about the above, but the stuff stands on its own, doesn’t it?

Thanks to House Blend reader JJ for the pointer.

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