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Oops — Singer curses at inaugural youth concert, corrupting Hilary Duff fans

Lead singer Brett Scallions of the hard rock band Fuel performs at a pre-inaugural concert, and apparently caused the vapors by using the “F word” in front of teenyboppers and Barbara and Jenna.

At least this sounds more fun than the pain of listening to headliner Hilary Duff. No boobies were flashed, though. (AP) :

You might say the Janet Jackson moment of President Bush’s inaugural festivities came Tuesday at a youth concert with hundreds of preteen Hilary Duff fans in the audience.

No nudity was involved, but the Vince Neil-style profanity probably didn’t win rock band Fuel any fans at the Federal Communications Commission, nor from the parents at the concert. Now the Pennsylvania band is just hoping the concert, “America’s Future Rocks Today,” wasn’t aired live.

Borrowing a word from Motley Crue’s Neil, the lead singer of Fuel proclaimed, “Welcome to the greatest —-ing country in the world.” Brett Scallions followed with a quick apology of “excuse my language.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding