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Ned Flanders is the gay Simpson?

Patty vs. “good Christian” Ned Flanders?!

And we had our money on Marge’s sister Patty. (

Rumors have been circulating since last summer on who it might be, but in recent weeks the debate and speculation have turned into big money wagers.
“It appears that many of our customers have an opinion on who the gay character is,” says Mike Foreman, spokesperson for “We’ve taken more than 900 bets, mostly on Patty and Smithers.”

According to Foreman, Marge’s sister Patty was the favorite at 4/5 with Smithers trailing at 4/1 to be “outed.” Ned Flanders is posted as 15/1, making the devout-Christian character a long shot; however, several large wagers have been placed on his character, which has come as a surprise to the bookmaker.

“We were positive that Patty would be the bettors’ favorite, seeing that she has been identified in many online sources as the gay character thanks to a leak at Fox,” says Foreman. “Nevertheless, it seems that our customers believe that Patty is just a rumor planted by the network to throw viewers off.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding