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Montana bill outlawing bias toward gays, lesbians draws fire

Ken Toole is the sponsor of Bill 1999, which would add sexual orientation to anti-discrimination laws. He’s catching heat from some serious wingnuts, including our friends at Concerned Women for America.

We have another candidate for state of the week — Montana — and the unhinged homo-bigots in Big Sky country don’t mince their words. I also have a few Freeper comments on this one. (Billings Gazette):

Montanans should be able to discriminate against gays and lesbians because their way of life threatens society and should be kept at bay, some critics said Monday in attacking a bill that would outlaw such discrimination under human-rights laws.

“We want the right to say no to something we really think is wrong,” said Jeanette Zentgraf, representing Concerned Women of America. Backers of the measure said it is long past time to extend anti-discrimination laws to a minority routinely subjected to mistreatment in many facets of life. “It’s time to lift our gay and lesbian neighbors up to the same level where non-gay and lesbian residents live,” said Karl Olson, executive director for PRIDE, a gay-lesbian advocacy group.

Senate Bill 1999, sponsored by Sen. Ken Toole, D-Helena, would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, public accommodations, housing, financial transactions, education, job referrals, licensing, training programs, government services and funding, and public contracts.

Betty Kijewski of the Montana Human Rights Network said her organization has heard of teachers who refused to have openly gay students in their classrooms, or prohibited such students from using school bathrooms between classes. “That is flat-out discrimination,” she told the committee.

Foes of the bill assailed it as an affront to the rights of others.

Dallas Erickson of Stevensville, spokesman for Montana Families for Decency, said employers should he able to fire or not hire a person they consider dangerous based on the sexual aspect of his or her lifestyle.

He said extending human-rights protection based on sexual orientation would extend rights beyond gay and lesbian Montanans, to include people who engage in other “kinky or perverted” practices such as pedophilia, incest, bestiality, exhibitionism and necrophilia.

“It is a terrible bill that, in itself, is discriminatory against those who feel homosexuality and other sexual orientations are unsafe and dangerous,” Erickson said.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“WTF is wrong with you Montanans? Too many Californicators relocated to your midst, I guess.”

“While we are at it why not make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their listing on a terrorist watch list or because they are a pedophile or because they are into sodomizing animals?”

“This is my thought… People who side with the homo crowd are no different then those that sided with the nazis. As the invection (AIDS) continues to grow and death spreads through the world, they don’t care because it’s not happening to them.”

“AHHH Montana! Where men are men and Sheep are nervous!……”

“It is clear the left has no direction or purpose….Now having said that, I am headed to San Freakcisco, TO MARRY MY DOG AND HAVE A SEX-CHANGE OPERATION. (and don’t tell my dog-to-be, but I spotten this cute little sheep at a neighbor’s party the other night….)”

“I think this bill should be expanded to legalize discrimination against alcoholics and other drug users, as well as adulterers and Muslime, all of whom are threats to society and camels.”

“What’s wrong with discriminating against a behavior? What is next? People can’t discriminate against loud, fat, rude, odoriferous, and / or criminal individuals? And if the prevert keeps it quiet, no one will know he’s a prevert.


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