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Alabama wingnut Roy "Ten Commandments" Moore leads the polls for gov

As I’ve said before, George Wallace would be Alabama’s first choice again for gov, but he’s uh, dead. Roy Moore, above, is now their man. Katie, your birth state is hopeless.

Ace bigot, homophobe and representative of the nostalgia movement for Jim Crow days, former Judge Roy Moore, has a huge lead in initial polls for governor of Alabama. (Tuscaloosa News):

A Mobile Register-University of South Alabama poll of likely Republican primary voters shows Moore with a lead of 8 percentage points over Riley in a hypothetical primary matchup. Moore drew support from 43 percent of respondents, while the governor garnered 35 percent.

Ousted from the Alabama Supreme Court over his refusal to follow a federal judge’s order to remove a Ten Commandments office from the court building, Moore has been traveling the country speaking to conservative organizations and religious groups.

The poll found that Moore had a favorable rating of 72 percent – a number University of Alabama political scientist William Stewart described as potentially “intimidating to the governor.”

[How the f*ck can he have a favorable of 72?! It’s a Republican sample, but damn.]

…Poll director Keith Nicholls, a political scientist at South Alabama, said the results indicate the 2006 nomination is “Moore’s for the taking.”

Remember, an Alabama law mandating racially separate classrooms is still on the books — a state amendment to repeal the Jim Crow-era law was defeated last November. Roy Moore was leading the fight. As he said at the time regarding the amendment: “This is the most deceptive piece of legislation I have ever seen and it is simply a fraud on the people of Alabama.” Supporters of the measure said it was not about taxes — but about erasing the last vestiges of Jim Crow provisions from Alabama law.


To get a flavor of the level of intolerance and backward thinking in this state, read my post: Is Alabama really the worst place to be a gay person in Bush’s America?”


In a diary on DKos about this, there was an excellent post by Corncam, that I want to repeat here…

I remember Wallace (4.00 / 2)

I am an Alabama native, and I can remember when George Wallace was governor of our fair state. I hope that y’all will forgive me for such a negative posting, but I am virtually certain that Roy Moore will win, and I’m afraid that he will bring back the reign of terror that characterised our state for nearly 100 years, up until 1964.

When I moved out of state twenty years ago, I thought that racism was a dying way of life, and that Alabama would soon rejoin the rest of the modern world, but I have begun to doubt that conclusion. The rejection of Amendment 2 in November was especially alarming, because I know how sensitive Alabamians are to any suggestion that they are intolerant rednecks.

Roy Moore’s hatred of gays, and extreme religious intolerance are, unfortunately, right in tune with Alabama’s mainstream. If he is elected, I expect to see police raids on known same-sex families, and increased profiling & harassment of religious minorities, especially Muslims. I wouldn’t even be surprised if lynchings started up again.

The idea that a Democrat might win is just a forlorn hope, and anyway, no one to the left of Zell Miller could possibly be elected. Gov. Riley has been the best man to hold that office in 20 years, and he is a far better man than Alabama deserves right now.

The fact is that most Southern conservatives don’t believe in the US Constitution, and once they are confident that Washington won’t step in to enforce its provisions, then they will begin to flagrantly violate the basic rights of their fellow citizens, just like they did during the Jim Crow era.

“The past isn’t dead, it isn’t even past.” – Faulkner

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