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Member wants FCC to probe Armstrong Williams

Yeah, I wrote that headline on purpose. It was too good to resist. BTW, where are all his GOP friends now? (AP):

A member of the Federal Communications Commission said Thursday the agency should investigate whether conservative commentator Armstrong Williams broke the law by failing to disclose that the Bush administration paid him $240,000 to plug its education policies.

Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, a Democrat, said the agency has received about a dozen complaints against Williams. “I certainly hope the FCC will take action and fully investigate whether any laws have been broken,” Adelstein said at the commission’s regular monthly meeting.

Williams said that neither he nor any of the stations that carried his syndicated program violated the law because two one-minute ads that aired during the show, and that also promoted the law, specifically stated they were paid for by the Education Department.

I was not engaged in any public relations in this campaign. It was strictly advertising,” Williams said by phone. “I’m not concerned about this witchhunt because I know that I’ve done nothing wrong, nothing illegal.”

Nobody is going to save you, house boy.

BONUS POINTS: BTW, I am somehow distantly related to Stedman Graham (aka Oprah’s boyfriend), on my father’s side of the family. He is Williams’ consulting “partner” at the Graham Williams Group. GWG is a “PR firm” that probably is going to have to fold its tent because of this dumbass’s raw greed and stupidity. Love this squib from the disinfopedia entry for GWG:

According to one promotional brochure, cited by the University of Southern Carolina, “Williams offers clients the knowledge of a Washington insider who understands both the workings of Congress and the concerns of corporations.” [2]

William’s biographical note describes the company as “an international public relations and media firm based in Washington, D.C., with clients in entertainment, politics, business, and charitable organizations.” [3]

While Williams biographical notes describes it as an “international public relations and media firm” it does not rate a listing in the databases or archives of the major PR trade publications, O’Dwyers PR Daily, the Holmes Report or PR Week.

Disclaimer: I am not close to that side of the family (oy, my father is a black Republican that has served as head of the county GOP; that’s enough of an embarrassment), so I’ve got no more dirt on this subject than what I can conjure up in Google, lol.

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