Frankly we were surprised to actually find a Republican having sex

If this had been a blog post written back about, oh, thirty years ago, we would have known exactly who this guy was.

When I first met him, I called him fratguy because even though he’s out of college he still had a sort of fraternity guy behavior about him. But once you get him away from a party with beer, he’s less fratguy and more preppyguy trying to become yuppieguy. And yes, he went to an Ivy League college but I don’t think he’s all that bright. He probably got in with the minimum SAT scores, helped by his father being an alumni and his skill at playing lacrosse. Remember, the Ivy League schools aren’t looking for the brightest students but the students most likely to be future leaders! He’s probably working for a congressman in DC because his grades weren’t high enough to get a job in investment banking (he says he’s interested in politics), and his parents probably give him money to support his lifestyle. He says he applied to law school and is waiting to see where he’s accepted.

Oh, crap. There’s going to be another one.

Deja vu sucks.

(Thanks to Robert for the link)

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