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Most unmarried women voted for Kerry. An unremarkable article about the fact that unmarried women turned out in record numbers for Kerry set off a Freeperstorm of misogyny. More on that a bit later. First read the WTimes piece:

Unmarried women turned out in record numbers in last year’s election and voted overwhelmingly for Sen. John Kerry, while President Bush captured the majority of married women’s votes, including a group that Kerry supporters had hoped to attract — married women without college degrees.

Single women were one of the few demographic groups to increase their share of the electorate last election, according to a report by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

“Unmarried women played an important part in this election,” said Democratic strategist and pollster Stanley Greenberg, who helped compile and analyze the report data. “I think they’re the future.”

This just opened the door for the usual ignorant, hate-filled comments by Freepers. It’s scary that these people are able to vote (or get a date, or even more frightening, procreate)…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?:

“There’s a reason these women are unmarried.”

“Not this unmarried woman. I think the term “Welfare Queens” would be the better term to use.”

“Most unhairyed women voted for Bush.”

“What a load of cr*p! I know a lot of unmarried women and not one of them were voting for Kerry. The Old Media’s B.S. continues…

“Not conservative chicks like us… the clipped haired mean faced hags of the left.”

“…they gots to have they benefits; if I were a loser, I’d probably vote for the putz, too. At least 37% of them showed some good sense.”

“It would be interesting to see how many of these unmarried women are childless, wouldn’t it?”

A convergence of the lesbian vote, the most likely to need an abortion vote, and the most likely to end up on welfare vote.”

“I attended a rally once, when a young woman passed by and screamed at me: “You’re a WOMAN! HOW CAN YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN???” I take this the same way. I think many of them are childless, and want the option to remain childless in case of an “accident”. I honestly think that’s what it’s about for most of them. (That’s my hunch, anyway.)”

“Do you mean the ones that sorta look like “ahem” boys?, LOL”

Ahhhh, the slut and bull-dyke man-hater factor.”

“if unmarried women are the future this country has indeed gone straight to hell. there is nothing on this earth more ornery, unhappy, undersexed, self-righteous, or leftist than an unmarried woman (as a category..i know there are exceptions).

go to washington and check out all the “professional class” unmarried women and see for yourself. they are pathetic. nobody wants them and they refused to give up their careers for a husband and family because they are virulent feminists who dont think that they should be required to give up their career for the sake of a family. once they turn 40, they turn bitter because they dont want to admit they made a mistake but at the same time they want something other than their volvo, their lonely townhouse, and their pathetic “career.” its so easy to spot them.”

“Ding ding and bingo! Single mothers…one of the largest and most predictable bunch of looters around. My workplace is infested with them.”

“Yes, and chances are that between darwin and planned parenthood they are a problem that will resolve themselves.”

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