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Kansas Senate Adopts Ban on Civil Marriage, Civil Unions for Gays

Kansas State Senators Dennis Wilson, homo-bigot (l) and ally John Vratil.

Yet more bad news in the home state of Fred Phelps. A proposed amendment to ban civil marriage for gays that will also ban civil unions or any other legal recognition of same-sex relationships has passed the State Senate and is moving on to the House. This is in the mold of the current Virginia and Ohio amendments. (

The measure declares that only couples in a union of one man and one woman would be entitled to benefits normally associated with marriage. The 28-11 vote sent the measure to the House. Supporters had one vote more than the two-thirds majority necessary for adoption in the 40-member chamber, and they’re hoping for a statewide vote April 5.

Backers of the amendment said it would protect the traditional definition of marriage — already defined in state statute — from legal challenges. They also said such unions form strong families and are vital to society.

Can we be sure that no activist judges or officials exist in Kansas?” said Sen. Dennis Wilson, R-Overland Park, who voted for the measure. “An amendment to our constitution is the only way to protect the sacred institution.”

Critics consider the proposed amendment discriminatory. “Never before in the history of our state have we added an amendment to the constitution that proactively discriminates against people,” said Sen. John Vratil, R-Leawood, an opponent of the measure. “The people we’re discriminating against are not a threat to my marriage or your marriage. They’re not a threat to our children.”

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