Guardian of the shit-faced Republicans

First you have to go read World O’Crap to learn a few things about Evan Baehr. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

hmmmmmm…hhmmm…hmmmm….build me up buttercup, just to let me down…..hmmm …hmmmmm…hmmmm….I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’… hmmmm…hmmmm

Okay. You’re back. So we learned that Evan, the boyishly handsome Republican from Princeton, is real big on the Christianity, the conservative principles, pro-life…blah blah blah. Face it, he’s a goy Virgin Ben. There is also one more Republican value that’s big in his life: underage drinking.

From the WO’c link:

The title of Princeton Borough Councillor may not have the prestige of another office that Baehr hopes one day to hold: under “interests” on his facebook.com profile, Baehr includes—along with “elections,” “Christianity,” and “fine foods”—“becoming President”. Still, the Baehr for Council campaign is nothing if not serious. In this year’s election, the largest issue at stake for Princeton students is the notorious alcohol ordinance. If passed, the ordinance would allow police officers to enter the eating clubs on Prospect Avenue if they suspect underage drinking.

“If I’m not elected, this ordinance could pass without any student input,” warns Baehr. “That means that there could be police on the floor of the taprooms on Prospect, and there’s nothing we could do about it.”

Or, as another Princetonian (Dorothy Koehn) puts it:

I am a longterm resident of Princeton Borough and ran as the independent candidate for Princeton Borough Council four years ago. As a longtime observer of local politics, I understand the importance of bringing change to our community.

This Council does not know its boundaries. For example, they hope to pass an underage drinking ordinance that would allow police to enter the eating clubs and arrest anyone underage. Not only does this violate your rights it also puts student health at risk by creating an atmosphere of intimidation and fear and discouraging students seeking help.

Your vote on today for Evan Baehr ’05 for Borough Council will ensure that this ordinance will not go unchallenged! Evan Baehr is a student of public policy and an energetic, engaging individual willing and prepared to take the old guard incumbents to task.

…and besides, Evan is just sooo dreamy.

So remember, a vote for Evan is a vote for underaged drinking…and it also answers that age-old question: Who Would Jenna Vote For?

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