Three out of three wives agree…he was disgusting

Rush Limbaugh (fat guy, on the radio, addictive personality without the personality…that guy) knows what women want (some jokes just write themselves):

Wrong, Maureen. It’s what you want to talk about. We don’t want to hear George Bush bashed. We don’t want to hear conspiracy theories. We don’t want to hear Michael Moore lionized and idolized and we certainly don’t want to go through relationship analysis three hours a night. We don’t want to be told how wrong we are, we don’t want to be told how screwed up we are, we don’t want to be told how we’re knot caring. We don’t want to be told all that. Maureen, men are real simple. Real simple, and by the way, as long as you’re getting so deep into this, MoDo, you might examine (I say this with all due compassion and in an attempt to be helpful) examine your personality. All of you women who are out there husband-hunting, men are so simple. It’s a crime you don’t understand this. We just want approval. Pure and simple. They just want approval for what they do. It’s not hard.

So we have to assume that the three Mrs. Limbaughs disapproved of what Rusty did which is why they all left him crying and begging for another chance, his piggish eyes puffy and red, a smear of snot across the back of his hand as he wallowed in his own filth on the bathroom floor covered with empty pill bottles…

Fortunately for the ex-Mrs. Limbaughs, the monthly alimony checks help to blot out that memory. We’re not so lucky…

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