Bush is all for faith-based initiatives. Would he object to a program run by Pastor Pete Peters of La Porte Church of Christ in Colorado, who preaches the anti-Semitic, homophobic word of Christian Identity?

Moonie Washington Times interviews Chimpy about how faith infuses his “thinking.” I’ve got no problem with commitment to faith for our President, but reading this interview, it’s clear that his idea of faith is narrowly defined to his particular evangelical flavor. Read this and then imagine if he’d have no problem with a faith-based program sponsored by what he would term a non-traditional religion, such as the Church of Satan, Christian Identity (white supremacists), or the Nation of Islam. (WashTimes):

“I think people attack me because they are fearful that I will then say that you’re not equally as patriotic if you’re not a religious person,” Mr. Bush said. “I’ve never said that. I’ve never acted like that. I think that’s just the way it is.

“On the other hand, I think more and more people understand the importance of faith in their life,” he said. “America is a remarkable place when it comes to religion and faith. We had people come to our rallies who were there specifically to say, ‘I’m here to pray for you, let you know I’m praying for you.’ And I was very grateful about that.”

Liberals have challenged his faith-based initiative, which allows religious organizations to apply for government funds to administer social services such as drug rehabilitation and food banks.

…”I fully understand that the job of the president is and must always be protecting the great right of people to worship or not worship as they see fit,” Mr. Bush said. “That’s what distinguishes us from the Taliban. The greatest freedom we have or one of the greatest freedoms is the right to worship the way you see fit.

“On the other hand, I don’t see how you can be president at least from my perspective, how you can be president, without a relationship with the Lord,” he said.

[WTF is he saying here?!]”This is a country that is a value-based country,” he said. “Whether they voted for you or not, there’s a lot of values in this country, for which I’m real proud.”

Mr. Bush said he has “still got a rigorous agenda” for his faith-based initiative.

The federal government has funneled “about $1.2 billion” to religious groups so far, the president said, and he hopes to improve on that in the next four years.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding