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Sadistic bastard — Inmate Says Graner Laughed During Abuse

I guess there are really no words to describe how sick and depraved this behavior was. He shames all those in the uniform that have a sense of decency. This animal conduct is not just “following orders” or “softening up” prisoners for interrogation, this is pure sadism. I cannot fathom what Graner’s defense is going to come up with. (AP):

Syrian insurgent held at Abu Ghraib prison testified by video Tuesday that Army Spc. Charles Graner merrily whistled, sang and laughed while brutalizing him and forced him to eat pork and drink alcohol in violation of his Muslim faith.

An Iraqi detainee later told the court that he was among a group of prisoners stripped by Graner and other Abu Ghraib guards, stacked up naked in a human pyramid while female soldiers watched, and later told to masturbate.

…The inmate also said he listened through his cell wall as Graner and other Americans forced a Yemeni prisoner to eat from a toilet.

Asked if Graner appeared to enjoy hurting him, al-Sheikh said through an interpreter: “He laughed. He was whistling. He was singing.”

He described Graner as the “primary torturer” and “a naturally aggressive man” — a characterization that led Graner, sitting in the courtroom, to roll his eyes and chuckle.

…Al-Sheikh said he was later sent to Abu Ghraib, where Graner jumped on his wounded leg and struck it with a collapsible metal stick. Another time, he said, Graner handcuffed him to his cell door with his arms behind his back for eight hours.

Graner also accompanied a U.S. soldier who urinated on him, and that the defendant was present when another American threatened to rape him, al-Sheikh said.

…Graner is charged with conspiracy, assault, committing indecent acts and other offenses. He could get to 17 1/2 years in a military prison if found guilty by a jury of four Army officers and six enlisted men.

Remember, Rush Limbaugh compared Abu Ghraib behavior to college frat pranks. One of two things will occur: 1) the Right will come up with a lame defense that this is the kind of unruly “discipline” that Alberto Gonzales approved of when he made his recommendations to the White House (and the left just can’t stomach appropriate “tactics” used in wartime; or 2) everyone blames everything on rogue elements in the prisons (i.e. Graner), totally hanging him out to dry. Who bets on the latter?

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Pam Spaulding