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Mother Awarded Custody Of Slain Boy's Sister

On Monday, I posted on the Blend about the Supreme Court rejection of an appeal by four men who challenged Florida’s ban on adoption by gay couples. This sets a sad, discriminatory precedent that other states can now follow.

Let’s take a look at another story, one that illustrates how sick the situation is. Two loving gay people cannot adopt, but children can be exposed to toxic family situations like this. (

A South Florida man accused of beating his 2-month-old son to death appeared in court Monday as the victim’s mother sought to gain custody of her son’s twin sister. Natasha Thornton was visibly upset during the custody hearing.

Jordy Foster, 21, is charged with aggravated child abuse and first-degree murder after allegedly slamming Tyrone Foster’s head against a kitchen table because the infant would not stop crying. Tyrone died of extensive blunt head trauma at Plantation General Hospital Sunday.

The children’s mother, Natasha Thornton, went to court Monday seeking full custody of Tyrone’s twin sister.

NBC 6’s Hank Tester reported Thornton was visibly shaken when Foster appeared at the hearing. Thornton’s mother and father were there to support her.

“We are trying to figure it out. It’s senseless. It doesn’t make sense that this happened,” Thornton’s mother, Tricia Clark, said. Clark said Foster’s involvement in Tyrone’s death was shocking because Foster had been a good father.

“When the twins were born and at the hospital, he was there plenty of times every day. He would feed the babies with me and he was a good dad until now,” Clark said. The judge granted custody of the 2-month-old girl to Thornton.

And so how is this a better environment for a young child? How has this helped the state protect the “sanctity” of family by ruling gay couples cannot adopt?

Thanks to Ms. Julien in Miami for the pointer.

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