Earlier on the Blend, I posted on the Supreme Court declining to take up a case challenging the State of Florida’s ban on adoption by homosexuals. The Freepers have gone apesh*t in their usual filthy, evil manner. Keep in mind that these idiots claim to be truly concerned about the welfare of children and the sanctity of marriage…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“And they were THAT close to being able to gain legal custody over their rape targets.”

“That is a setback for DECENCY & MORALITY — not for homosexuals! This needs to be settled NOW! And it better be against the homosexual radical agenda!”

“Gays still can’t adopt? Awww. Hear that? It’s the smallest violin in the world. Playing just for them.”

“To understand the whole “same-sex” marriage debate, just remember: MARRIAGE IS NOT A RIGHT, IT’S A PRIVILEGE. like a driver’s license, or welfare – granted, or not granted, at the discretion of the State. In most places now, the State chooses not to grant it to homosexual couples. Got it? I sure the US Supreme Court does, because Canada’s is apparently way too dumb to grasp such a simple concept.”

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“First, this is not about a “lifestyle”. It’s about evil, irresponsible, and unnatural sexual behavior. Every state should follow Florida’s example by banning gays (and lesbians) from adopting children. Sodomy is practiced by homosexuals, and for them to legally acquire children to exploit is an abomination, just as the Catholic priests sodomizing children is a despicable crime. Even if the adopted children are not physically abused, they will have a sick, distorted view of the institution called marriage between a man and a woman, which is the basis for civilization. Sodomites do not produce children, and they should not raise children. Homosexuals (sodomites) seek to defy the laws of nature, resulting in the world wide AIDS epidemic.”

“Yes, and Sodomy is an unhygienic practice. Men are by nature promiscuous.”

“Good news. NAMBLA can’t legally adopt sex toys of their very own.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding