John Perr’s Perrspectives is a kick-ass site that I highly recommend. It’s home of the rightious American Taliban wrecking crew, and a great new contest, “Name That Bush Scandal“:

“If Reagan had “Iranamok” (Iran/Contra) and Clinton had “Bimbroglio” (Lewinsky scandal), what should Bush’s contributions to posterity be? Simply send us your suggested names for any or all of the Bush scandals below and you could win great prizes like an Apple Mini iPod, gift certificates, and international acclaim. More important, you could earn the eternal thanks of a grateful nation.”

How to Enter

To play “Name That Scandal”, simply send Perrspectives your unique, catchy and original name(s) for any or all of the Bush administration scandals below.

Iraq WMD (or lack thereof)

Armstrong Williams (the Bush administration’s pay-for-play pundit)

Abu Ghraib torture scandal

Medicare reform fraud (including budget lies, tax-payer funded fake new stories)

Enron (including stock disaster, California energy fraud and Bush denial of Ken Lay friendship)

Secret Cheney energy plan

“Mission Accomplished” speech on USS Abraham Lincoln

Valerie Plame CIA agent outing

Bogus Iraq/Niger yellow cake uranium claims

Bush National Guard non-service

BTW, I also find Perrspectives’ Conservative Threat Level a riot:


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding