No one gives a crap-gate

Tim Graham over at The Corner (home of The Public Bathroom Message Board and Duran Duran Fangirl Club) seems to think that the Rather-gate kerfluffle isn’t getting the kind of Super Bowl-like hype and parties it deserves, possibly because the whole -gate appendage is so played out. We suggest Rather-fluffle, but that’s just us. Anyway, Tim says:

After a long look at today’s morning shows, I think it’s safe to say “Rathergate” is going to fade very quickly in the major media. It seems obvious they’ve concluded that what’s bad for CBS is bad for all of them. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell sounded very glum on Imus this morning, even when surprisingly agreeing with the Wall Street Journal take on the Dick & Lou report: lots of how, not much why. For a summary of the morning avoidance techniques beyond my previous post on ABC hyping breast milk Internet sales, see here.

One colleague today suggested that after 30 years, conservatives are just going to have to get more creative than the “gate” suffix on scandals large, small, and superficial. I can agree, but we also know that even when “gate” doesn’t stick (Iran-Contra-gate?), attempts to avoid it can be equally lame. Some tried “Iranamok” and “Iragua.” It’s not a surprise we fall back on the old shorthand.

Other suggestions for scandal suffixs that Conservatives might want to consider:

-pudding (Jonah Goldberg only)
-gasm (may not be used by Kathryn Jean Lopez)



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