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Parties Take Shape for Inaugural Parade

While George and Laura do the fox trot in luxury on January 20, there will be more modest accommodations where the tsunami victims are.

Yes. There will be bountiful celebrations, funded by many friends and contributors (AP):

At inauguration parade time, it’s not so much who you are, but where you live and work that matters. It can be the difference between standing on the curb in the cold weather or nibbling on caviar while hobnobbing in the warmth of a cozy office or home as the parade unfolds.

People in law firms, corporate offices and residences lining the parade route from the Capitol to the White House have prime perches for watching a long-standing American tradition, and even with the tightest security cordon in history, they’re making the most of it with bird’s-eye view parties.

It’s all about location and when you’re on a parade route and you have full view — if you’ve got that space — flaunt it,” said Susan Lacz Niemann, one of the owners of Ridgewells catering company.

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